Making a Good First Impression

How you furnish and decorate your office space has an impact on the way clients perceive you, and thankfully there are a few ways to create a good and lasting impression.


The look of your office is often as important as the service you provide. For instance, a well presented and clean working environment is a sign of a spirited and energetic company. Conversely, a dull and cluttered area might send the wrong message to clients, visitors and staff.  

The first thing guests will see is your reception/waiting area, so it is important to invest in good quality furniture, proper lighting and decorative items such as plants and art.


Your area should be branded with your company name and logo. A good spot for this is the wall behind where the receptionist sits.


Furniture should be of high-quality and should be a similar style throughout. To create the illusion of having a much larger space than you do keep as few things as possible away from the entryway. Overall, you want your office to have a professional and uncluttered look. Utilise filing cabinets, storage cabinets, mobile shelving and mobile pedestals to efficiently organise your office.

No matter your business type, there is no doubt you’ll need to provide seating, whether it is for staff or visitors. When buying necessary office items in large numbers such as chairs it might seem tempting to go for a cheaper option, but good quality furniture will save you in the long run because you won’t have to replace it as often. Durable and carefully selected components make OLP’s Chair Range ideal for a variety of commercial environments and with multiple colours available you can find an option to match your space, look and brand.

We understand different businesses have different needs, which is why we’ve made sure our range of chairs can be configured to meet your requirements. For example, linking tips are fitted to the base of OLP’s chairs for easy connection or are available as beam chair. Our range also includes chairs available with arms, swivel bases, four legs, castors and seat cushions.

To further highlight OLP’s commitment to providing quality products, both our Ace Chair and Adam Chair have been AFRDI approved. The Australasian Furnishing Industry and Research and Development Institute (FURNTECH) is the principal chair testing authority in Australia. Products satisfying AFRDI’s performance and test-based criteria are awarded with an AFRDI ‘blue tick’ of approval. The purpose of this accreditation is to promote the best quality furniture available, as well as give confidence to retailers and end-users.

Decorative items

Well-placed plants, floor mats and wall art are a great way to bring some colour to your reception/waiting area. Artwork should be hung with the centre at eye level, or lower if viewed from a seated position. Make sure to select art appropriate for the setting.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget to pay attention to small details such as supplying reading materials and making sure the area is well lit.

Investing your time into creating a good first impression with office decor will result in repeat business and hopefully increased revenue. If you’re looking for office storage equipment, get in touch with us today!


Working Together to Support Australians with a Disability.

OLP has proudly worked alongside South Australian disability support service Orana, since our inception almost 10 years ago.  

Formed in 1950, Orana provides employment, housing, short-term accommodation, skill development programs and life skills support to more than 650 South Australians living with a disability.

Orana provides training and employment opportunities across a number of industry sectors including food services, retail, horticulture and landscaping, assembly and packaging and industrial sewing.

Orana has several closed workshop sites across South Australia in Netley, Ridleyton, Parra Hills West, Port Pirie, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Loxton and Meningie.

Orana has a team of four employees who work on the assembly and packaging of Steelco cabinets for OLP.

Steelco as a brand has been involved with Orana for more than 20 years.

We believe people with a disability should have the opportunity to reach their full potential by participating in the workforce. We look forward to working with Orana for many years to come.

“Our relationship with Orana over the years has been wonderful and we look forward to continuing the journey with them.” - Phill Noblet, Business Development Manager, South Australia.

To find out more about Orana visit