Storage cabinets help to keep your desk and it's surrounding areas neat and tidy, which can help provide a more organised and productive workspace. 


STEELCO Tambour Door Cabinet

Tambour cabinets are ideal for office storage needs. Available in four height options, these cabinets feature retractable doors with adjustable shelf heights,  allowing you to store a wide variety of office goods. These lockable cabinets are ideal for workstations, confined spaces, narrow corridors and an array of other office environments.


STEELCO Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinets are the classic document storage product. Available in three height options, these cabinets can stack next to one another to form a bank of storage cabinets or can act as stand alone units. 


STEELCO Plan Cabinet

Steelco heavy duty Plan Cabinets are designed specifically to store and protect plans, drawings and
maps. The drawer size allows for paper up to size A0 to fit without bending.


Steelco glass Door cabinet

Steelco Glass Door Cabinets are ideal for storing items that need to be on display but securely locked away. The unit shelves are easily adjustable so the cabinet can be used to store items of varying heights.

Steelco Sliding door cabinet

Steelco Sliding Door Cabinets are ideal for narrow spaces as the doors do not interfere with walkways. This cabinet features a secure locking system and easily adjustable shelves to maximise storage capacity.

Steelco PersonNEl Wardrobe

The Personnel Wardrobe offers a combination of hanging and shelf storage space and features ventilation holes on each door. This product is ideal for storing personal items such as clothing, shoes and helmets.

Steelco Multimedia cabinet

Multimedia Cabinets allow the ability to sort and securely store all your smaller items. Drawer dividers (made to fit CD's and DVD's) are available to provide an organised and structured storage solution.